Awakening the Warrior Goddess Within

Reclaim Your Divine Feminine Sovereignty.


You don't want to miss this.

Join us from us from the comfort of your own home for an evening of  sisterhood, feminine embodiment,  dancing, and fun.

At the "Awakening the Warrior Goddess Within" event — expect to see  women reclaiming their power, opening their hearts  and freeing their minds from judgment, blame and limiting beliefs.

COVID-19 has taken a toll on our everyday lives so we want to co-create a special event  and a sacred container for women where they can pamper themselves and forget for a minute all this Covid tragedy.

Our world is moving fast and we are struggling  to stay connected with ourselves and one another. Come and experience the magic that happens when women gather, open their hearts, uncover our essence and get in touch with our greatness.

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The day is an invitation to :

  • Reconnect with your wisdom, beauty, instincts, compassion and creativity to gain access to your deepest passions and desires.
  • Explore what is the Sacred Feminine, and how does she Dream in You?
  • Identify how do you live in deep relationship with your own instincts and the sacred truths that inspirit your soul?
  • Find out what is your response-ability now as women and how do we do this through joy?
  • Celebrate your authentic self



Katie Bigras

Trauma Informed Menstrual Health Practitioner



Magda Leszczynska, Medicine Woman, Spiritual Life Coach


Crystale Boisvert Embodiment Coach

Headshots  & Sponsors - Diana Esparza

Diana Esparza    Warrior Goddess Owner & Somatic Coach


   Renée M. Michaud        DJ Uneety


    Linda Jacobsen        Spiritual Life Coach & Astrologer


Camilla Åkerström

Founder & Co-Creator at The White Rose

Anna Aimée Finken

Anna Aimée Finken 

DJ Meadowsweet

Headshots  & Sponsors (1)

Natalia Jaczkowski

Summit MC & Kinks & Coffee Owner 


“From the moment we are born, the world tends to have a box already built for us to fit inside.  Our umbilical cord never seems to be severed; we only find new needs to fill. If we disconnected and severed our attachments, would we shatter our confinements and expand beyond our shell? Would the world look different?  Would we recognize ourselves? Are we the box that we are inside, and to be authentically ‘un-contained’ would we still be able to exist? This is the irony of containment. As long as we don’t push on the walls of our surroundings, we may never know how strong we really are.”  


Paige Bradley


Kinks and Coffee Sponsor
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Thank you beautiful Goddesses for your warrior spirits. The internal shifts of reclaiming the power within from your generosity is truly magickal. Deep gratitude and love. 

 ~Natalie Arar


I just attended the "Awakening the Warrior Goddess Within" virtual event. It was amazing, I learned so much about myself, my beliefs and how to make manifesting a wonderful future both exciting and fun. I had many “ aha” moments and I had a beautiful visit from Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary! The facilitators had a gift for making you feel completely comfortable while keeping you incredibly motivated and focused. Being part of a group of wonderful women was both beautiful and very beneficial. It was great to meet other Goddesses who are working towards integrating their feminine and masculine. The embodiment practices were a gift to me- the breathwork, the tantric tapping and authentic relating as well as the ecstatic dancing gave me back that joie-de-vivre that I was missing. I would highly recommend this event/experience to every woman wanting to learn how to manifest an abundant life. It’s a game-changer. ~Melisa Coulson


Thank you so much for this Diana and everyone who was a part of the "Awakening the Warrior Goddess Within" event. 💖 I truly received so much from it. 🙏 I will send you a picture of my painting when it's finished. Bless you all! 💗

~ Anna Aimée Finken


icon priestessessWorkshop: Transformational Breath by Magda Leszczynska

Breathwork is an active conscious breathing technique allowing our body deep cleanse. We detoxify 80% via our lungs, breath. This could be all forms of detox including:

-  breathing waste
- emotional residue in the body
- unprocessed energies called traumas
- unhealthy pattern causing blockage in any layer of our body and soul
- physical pain

Our mind creates patterns which inform our physical and energetic body in controlled manner of ways we are comfortable living our life. We breath the way we live and store experiences. Re-learning how to breath is to release those experiences, and release controlling mind patterns. Breathwork will inform you of possibilities to create the life you want to live.

icon priestessessWorkshop: How to Awaken and Tap Into Your Goddess Energy by Diana Esparza

Sadly, most of us as women in the current world are out of touch with our primal bodies, our deep sensuality and our sexual energy which is the fuel for a creative existence. We become accustomed to pushing and striving in our linear reality, not honoring the flow and cyclical nature of being feminine. We suppress our feelings, gird our loins and soldier on as our mothers and our ancestral lineage did. We do not value slowness or rest. Or just be-ing. And the net result is often exhaustion, anxiety, depression and other health concerns.

This workshop will support you to:

  • Access your powerfully primal body wisdom
  • Awaken your womb and the inner Goddess
  • Cultivate your intuition, receptivity and magnetism
  • Connect with your erotic aliveness
  • And live as a full spectrum woman by learning to take up more space in your body.

icon priestessessWorkshop: Her Great Awakening - "The Restored Divine Feminine"

by Camilla Åkerström 

We will journey in a sacred circle of sisters that are called together to Re-member, activate and anchor these new codes and deeper feminine embodiment, expanded awareness and living higher consciousness.

The New Divine Feminine Light Codes Activation is an activation opening space for the New Divine Feminine light codes and blueprints so we can receive an activation of the new Divine Feminine Template of Joy, Happiness and Abundance. We will activate our DNA to return to the original template for the divine human, landing in our own heart, soul and being in that space of absolute peace and divine presence within ourselves

icon priestessessWorkshop: Decode Your Purpose & Ignite Your Own Magic by Linda Jacobsen 

We all have a soul purpose; it is not just for a selected few. Our purpose in not something we find. It is more of a remembrance of who we are and a capacity to trust that you are unique and worthy as you are. Join me in decoding your purpose and get hands on tools to move beyond the codependency that holds you back from trusting yourself and igniting your own magic.

icon priestessessWorkshop: Women Are Cyclical Beings, Living in a Linear World by Katie Bigras 

We change throughout the month and the world expects us to be the same woman every single day. Discover and understand your cyclical female body. Learn about your natural rhythms energetically and hormonally. Learn about SUPPLEMENTATION, DIET and LIFESTYLE that will support your cycle during EACH PHASE. Heal debilitating premenstrual symptoms and UNLOCK YOUR POWER and INTUITION.

icon priestessessWorkshop: Tantric  Embodiment by Crystale Boisvert 

Together we will explore the sacred dance of embodiment through movement, breath, mindfulness and self soothing practices. You were destined to not only survive but to thrive and feel alive. Your body and heart are the gateways to experiencing more fulfillment, confidence, and connection. We as women have a powerful opportunity to support one another, and as we do the world is transformed. We are so thrilled to co-create this event so you may experience more of your own unique Divine signature. There's never been a you before and let's celebrate her and enchante Her to fully show up and inspire the world.

icon priestessessAwakening Shakti through Ecstatic Dancing by Renée M. Michaud & Anna Aimée Finken 

We will finish the night with powerful dose of ecstatic dancing.

Ecstatic dancing is a powerful, transformative practice for EVERY WOMAN for connecting with & embodying the DIVINE FEMININE. Ecstatic dancing is all about conscious dance, embodied awareness, sacred sexuality and feminine awakening. In this workshop you will be practicing tantric breathing, conscious connection and free movement to merge your feminine and masculine energies to achieve Oneness. You will experience UNITY.  Get ready to  free your mind, connect with your body, and feel every sensation fully and more...


We will end the event giving Thanks to Source for the wonderful opportunity to share together this sacred circle and support each other's brilliance.


Interested in Becoming a Vendor/Facilitator at the AWGW Event 

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